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Sustainability is a core value at SUNYLI
"Sustainable educational leadership and improvement preserves and develops deep learning for all that spreads and lasts, in ways that do no harm to and indeed create positive benefit for others around us, now and in the future."
- Andy Hargreaves & Dean Fink, Sustainability Leadership

Sustainability is the engine that drives the SUNY College Leaders program (SUNYCL), offering an array of advanced training features including workshops, mentoring and developmental projects that grow the leadership skills of personnel while advancing the college’s strategic plan. With SUNYCL, colleges can design programs uniquely suited to their specific needs and acquire the skills to manage those programs themselves, affordable and sustainably. At the same time, SUNYCL enables the college's aspiring leaders to measure their progress, including the growth of their own sustainability leadership competencies.

Want to learn more about sustainability? Here’s a great place to start: The Sustainability Leadership Institute’s "Sustainability Leadership Model" and "Leadership Engagement Framework for Sustainability Planning and Action," featured elements in SUNYLI workshops. These documents are ideal complements to SUNYLI instruction because, like SUNYCL, they define sustainability not just as beliefs but as behaviors that you can emulate day-to-day in your own workplace.