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Speaking of Leadership
SUNYLI's presenters have a lot to say about how to get it right

Lee Riddell speaksSUNYLI Director Lee Riddell leads a workshop for college executives at SUNY Plaza in Albany.

SUNYLI offers an array of on-demand workshops focusing on key elements and issues of higher education leadership.

SUNYLI consultants deliver your selected workshops onsite at your campus or system. Workshops may be scheduled individually or in combination to address your local developmental priorities and concerns.

All SUNYLI workshops...
• Reflect current research on success factors in college leadership
• Recognize multiple learning styles
• Build on participant experience
• Involve hands-on participant interaction
• Incorporate best practices in effective adult learning

SUNYLI’s most popular workshop offerings include...

Engaging Self-Awareness: Contemplative Leadership
SUNYLI director Lee Riddell’s popular half-day workshop provides an entertaining, high-energy introduction to collegiate leadership for personnel at all levels. Lee captivates and motivates participants with a blend of startling photographs, iconic images from antiquity, including the “Leadership Wheel,” and participatory challenges to engage them in an adventurous quest for self-discovery and professional growth. (The sponsoring college will supply the following presentation support items: podium, microphone, laptop computer, digital projector, projection screen, two flipcharts, multi-colored markers and circular tables accommodating six or more. Cost negotiated.)

Executive Leadership
SUNYLI’s acclaimed program for senior personnel powers the development of masterful skills in four critical dimensions: personal, interpersonal, team, and systems. Available in three-day and five-day formats and presented by the renowned team of Clint Sidle, director of the Roy H. Park Leadership Fellows Program in the Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University, and Chet Warzynski, executive director of the Office of Organizational Development at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Campus Leadership
Engages participants in understanding power, influence, and motivation in interpersonal relationships, networks and teams. The participants practice a variety of communication strategies.

Strategic Planning
Focuses on how to engage stakeholders in a participatory process. Included are exercises for collecting and analyzing data, facilitating the group process, and articulating goals, strategies and action plans.

Leading Innovation
Guides participants in how to engage others in constructing meaning around a new idea and includes a set of strategies for shaping a culture of innovation and service.

Chair Development
Assists faculty in addressing the challenges of leading their departments. Participants examine the role and responsibilities of the department chair through real-life case situations.

SUNYLI's dynamic presenters are equally at home as workshop presenters, keynoters and guest lecturers. Check out the links in the sidebar to learn more. And contact us by phone or email to discuss your needs.