Publications Center

SUNYLI Brochure & Flyers (PDF)  
Describes SUNYLI’s College Leaders program (SUNYCL). Flyers with information about each optional part of the program are included.

SUNY360 Flyer (PDF)
The SUNY360 Leadership Skills Inventory is designed to help college professionals gain greater understanding about their current leadership competencies. The skills are focused on the college sector, and many of them are common to all leadership positions.

Consultants Flyer (PDF)
SUNY Leadership Institute consultants are available to assist your college in addressing priority concerns related to the development of its leadership cadre.

Custom Workshops Flyer (PDF)
Read about the on-demand workshops that are available to assist your college in addressing priority concerns related to the development of its leadership cadre. Each workshop involves extensive interaction and dialog, builds on participant experience, and recognizes multiple learning styles.

SUNY College Leaders Presentation (PPt) / SUNY College Leaders Presentation (PDF)
Would you like to discuss SUNYCL with your colleagues? Download this PowerPoint (PPt) presentation before your meeting. If you want to print the presentation, the PDF format is available.

SUNY360 Presentation (PPt) / SUNY360 Presentation (PDF)
Learn about the SUNY360: what it does, how it works, and why you need it. Download the PowerPoint (PPt) file to present the slide show with narrations from SUNYLI, or view and print the PDF version.

SUNY College Leaders Program Guide (PDF)
The SUNYCL Program Guide walks you through a nine step process for preparing the SUNY College Leaders program at your college. These steps include assessing your needs and setting your goals, customizing the program, and selecting participants, a facilitator and mentors.

SUNY360 Usage Guide (PDF)
This guide helps you prepare and administer the SUNY360 Skills Inventory. The guide should be read by the College Administrator and the project leader responsible for the SUNY360 group.

SUNY360 Sample Reports

Sample Individual Report (PDF)
This PDF is an example of the report that each SUNY360 participant will download after all inventories are completed. Your individual scores will differ from this sample report.

Sample Individual Report with Comparisons (PDF)
When participants complete the SUNY360 Leadership Skills Inventory a second time, they may get a report comparing the two sets of scores. Look at the second PDF for an example of a report that includes comparisons.

Sample Team Report (PDF)
A team report is available to the Project Leader for two months after the project report date. This report aggregates the results from all participants, providing the project leader with the average results for the group. These results can be shared with participants to improve their understanding of their individual reports.

Sample Mentor-Only Report (PDF)
The Mentor Only SUNY360 skills inventory allows you and a trusted advisor (a Mentor) to complete the inventory. This PDF contains a sample report for a Mentee. The scores from the Mentee and the Mentor are compared. The report is also useful if you and your boss wish to complete the inventory.