Higher Education Summer Leadership Workshop – August 1-5, 2016

The summer program is a week-long retreat to enhance the leadership skills of the participants, making them more effective managers on their campuses and preparing them to take on more leadership responsibilities within SUNY in the future. The week is devoted to the personal exploration of individual leadership, as well as gaining mastery in interpersonal, team, and system dynamics. Throughout the week, participants are engaged in scholarly readings, thought provoking lectures, and challenging exercises, assessments, and case studies. Evening hours are devoted to reflection, coaching team feedback, and teambuilding. Participants leave with a professional development action plan and a new network of colleagues to assist them in continuing their growth.

Why Choose the SUNY Summer Leadership Workshop?

The SUNY Leadership Institute has offered the Summer Leadership Workshop since 2007. The over 500 graduates of those programs—including current campus presidents, provosts, senior vice presidents, and other executive positions—credit the program with not only increasing their opportunities for advancement but also building the confidence and skills necessary to succeed in higher level positions. This unique leadership development program is a testimony to the investment that SUNY makes to build a pipeline of top talent.

This five-day leadership program focuses on discovering leadership (defining what leadership is, especially for oneself), and develops and applies skills around four broad areas of leadership  experience:

  • Personal Mastery. The ability to know oneself and learn
    from experience.
  • Interpersonal Mastery. The ability to communicate
    and work well with others, particularly in difficult
  • Team Mastery. The ability to develop and lead groups of
    individuals towards common goals while promoting a
    healthy environment.
  • Systems Mastery. The ability to think systemically and lead
    an organization through a strategic change process in a
    way that develops commitment and learning.

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Summer Leadership Program Brochure 2016

This brochure summarizes all of the information you will need in one handy PDF file that you can download to your computer and print if you wish.

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For more information

Contact Kaitlyn Beachner, Professional Leadership Development & Presidential Search Associate, (Kaitlyn.Beachner@suny.edu); (518) 320-1492.