Lee Riddell presents Engaging Self-Awareness: Contemplative Leadership

Lee Riddell presents Engaging Self-Awareness: Contemplative Leadership

In this day and age, it’s the rare college that does not have to ask its leadership team to do more with less. Say you were given an opportunity to reward your hard-working team members with a special program at an exceptionally affordable cost. What kind of program would you choose:

  • A performance program to further grow their skills so they can achieve even more?
  • A career-focused program to enhance their prospects for future advancement?
  • A recreational program to simply say, “Thank you for your dedication and hard work”?

SUNYLI Leadership workshops accomplish all of the above, including the part about affordability. Nothing makes that point better than the institute’s most popular half-day workshop:

Engaging Self-Awareness: Contemplative Leadership
A lively program of self-discovery for all personnel with leadership responsibilities, presented by SUNYLI Director Lee Riddell. This workshop heightens awareness of one’s own leadership style and engages participants in creative conversations through the use of visual imagery. The workshop introduces the “Leadership Wheel,” a contemporary interpretation of ancient icons expressing timeless, universal principles of sound leadership development and performance. Attendees come away with refreshing and eminently practical insights on the skills that aspiring leaders need to succeed in today’s culturally diverse and team-driven academic management environments.

The Engaging Self-Awareness workshop is offered free of charge to all colleges within New York State. Presentation support conditions apply. See the attached information sheet for details.

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